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Healy Microcurrent App FAQ from Timewaver Corporate

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Overview of The Healy (Video)

Healy Programs Explained (Video)

Watch this short video to learn about the many types of Healy microcurrent programs (120 in total) or read more about the programs here.

The Gold Cycle Explained (Video)

How To Connect The Healy App To Your Phone (Video)

Understanding The Current Conductivity

Power Button Tips

The power button on the Healy device is unique and unlike other device. Here are some tips on how to turn on your Healy correctly.

1)Use the tip of your thumb, locate the the raised area of the power button, at 90 degrees, press firmly and distinctly. A steady flashing green light will come on, indicating the device is on.

2) If it does not turn on, you may NOT be pressing hard enough.

3) If you press too long the green light may be flashing and then turns off, it means you did not do it correctly or you are out of batter.Try again or charge your battery.

4) You can also try to reset the Healy by holding down the power button for 10-20 seconds and repeat the above tips.

**Do not worry about practicing until you get it right as as the device is very durable.
*Power Button explanation (youtube)

Tips For The Best Results When Using The Healy APP

For Best Results and smooth operation of all Healy applications:

1) Reboot phone or tablet at least weekly.
2) When you stop using Healy for the day, close all apps on phone/tablet.
*Swipe them up on an iphone.
*Use the icon with 3 vertical bars on android to Close All.
*Turn off blue-tooth (very important if you share the Healy with others in your family).
*Charge Phone/Healy if needed (charge Healy until green light goes off after you have “trained” your battery. See tips on Healy Battery).
3) When you start using Healy for the day:
*Turn on blue-tooth
*Turn on Healy
*Open Healy app of your choice and proceed with app use.
4) If problems persist, try a reboot of the Healy by holding down the power button for a full 20 seconds
5) If problems persist, try a reinstall of the app(s)

NOTE: Up to 5 family members can share the same Healy and install the apps on up to 5 phones/tablets.

NOTE: Unlike the Healy APP for microcurrent therapy, the green light may blink when you originally turn on the Healy Resonance app but once you get inside the app and start using it the green light might stop blinking except when you are scanning or vibrating. This is normal.

Training Your Healy Battery

If the Healy cannot hold a charge, it may need a hardware reset. There is a chip that measures how full the battery is, and when you start your Healy for the first time it doesn’t know how full it is so it always starts at 49%.

Once it is empty, and you charge it completely, then it knows it is 100%. If you reset the Healy, it will reset the counter if it has created a digital understanding of a maximum charge that is not 100%.

First try charging using a laptop or pc, unfortunately it doesn’t always charge using an outlet. Then please try the following steps:

1.  Connect the Healy to a charger (the green light should be lit and faintly blinking every second).
2.  Reset the Healy by pressing the on/off button for about 20 seconds (while the Healy stays connected to the charger).
3.  Leave the Healy connected to the charger until the green light is off.
4.  When the green light is off disconnect the Healy from the charger.
5.  Press the on/off button to turn it on.

After these steps please use the Healy until the battery is completely empty. Then recharge again until the green light goes off. This charging cycle should be repeated 4-5 times so the battery is properly calibrated.

Resetting The Healy Battery Life & Bluetooth Connection

Here is the process for Resetting the Healy battery life and Bluetooth connection. We have to remind ourselves that Bluetooth is a two way street so it’s not just the fault of the Healy.

1) Turn the Bluetooth off on your phone then turn off your phone (or smart device).

2) Do a hard reset on the Healy.

*Hard Reset: press and hold the power button for 10 seconds or until the green light comes on steady then release the button. The green light will stay on for a few more seconds then go off. Healy is now reset.

3) Turn on your phone (or smart device) and turn on your Bluetooth.

4) After reset, plug your Healy in and allow it to FULLY charge (the green light will turn on when you plug it in and the green light will go off when it’s done, this could take up to 90 minutes). Properly charging the Healy right after a reset also “resets” the battery life algorithm to show a more accurate battery life-cycle.

5) Unplug your Healy and turn it on.

6) Open your Healy app, go through the connect process.

Trouble Shooting When Healy Does Not Connect

When there are problems with the Healy connecting, we suggest you always do the following:

• Close the application 2 times, i.e. open, close, open, close
• Go to your smartphone settings and enable GPS function
• Press the Healy (on/off) button for 20 seconds to reset (this can also be done as the device is on the charger, in this case please hold the button until the green light starts flashing or brightens)
• Go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth device settings, turn off Bluetooth and disconnect all listed Bluetooth devices, including Healy
• Make sure that there are not too many other active Bluetooth devices nearby
• Turn on Bluetooth, turn on Healy, turn on the application and connect Healy (only one app can be used at a time, so make sure all other apps are closed)

*Important* Make sure your phone is updated to the latest software and reset, and go to your app permissions in your phone settings and make sure the Healy apps allow access to Bluetooth, as this may automatically turn off during an update.

Deep Cycle Programs Guidelines

Click here to access the PDF guideline to Jan Fredrik Poleszynski’s Deep Cycle Program

How To Transfer Healy From One Account To Another

Click here for the PDF instructions on how to transfer from one account to another.

Healy Hardware FAQ from Timewaver Corporate

For answers to FAQ click here.

Healy Resonance Analysis APP Support

Resonance APP Manual

Resonance APP FAQ from Timewaver Corporate

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An introduction to the Resonance APP (Video)

Step 1. How to Download the Resonance APP & Create Your Account (Video)

Step 2. How To Save Your Resonance Master Key (Video)

Step 3. How to Adjusting Your Resonance App Settings (Video)

Step 4. How To Run A Resonance Analysis (Video)

Step 5. How To Run An Aura Analysis (Video)

Step 6. How to Interpret Resonance Scan Report

1. Relevancy (%) is the active importance/need to deal with an issue. Negative Relevancy means the issue is present but not activated.

2. Intensity (I) relates to how much this issue is affecting you, so +10 would mean it is a powerful influence that needs a lot of correction. +1 would mean you have already achieved a high degree of clearance in this issue with only a trace amount left to deal with.

3. Potency (Pot) relates to Homeopathic potency and dosage for treatment of the issue: D (10X) relates more to physical issues that are manifesting C (100X) relates to more emotional/mental issues LM (50000X) relates more to Mental/Spiritual issues.


The higher the number of these dilutions (D, C, LM) the deeper the issue that has penetrated the layers of consciousness and the need for a more powerful treatment to restore balance.

Step 7. Guidelines for Balancing Your Bioenergetic Fields| How Long To Run A Vibration (Video)

How To Run A Gold Cycle Analysis (Video)

How To Run A Bach Flower Analysis (Video)

Managing Your Resonance Analysis List (Video)

Healy Quantum Sensor/Analyzer Training Webinar By The Timewaver's Team (Video)

Bioresonance Research Support

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