D2D Gourmet Meal Programs

How to detox from within

D2D Gourmet Meal Programs

How to detox from within


Under the guidance of the dare2detox's Integrative Physicians and integrative nutrition experts, our meals are made from ingredients shown to benefit your health.


Our meals are hand-crafted by two talented executive chefs who are always striving to produce gourmet meals that taste and look as good as it is good for the body.


We use only the best natural based ingredients, implement foods high in anti-inflammatory properties and source from organic and local farms. We are dairy-free, glutten-free and use unique spices and natural flavoring so our meals are never made with artificial additives.


The body has an innate and amazing ability to detox itself very sufficiently and stay in balance. By eating a non-inflammatory based diet, implementing a good cardiovascular exercise routine (such as swimming, biking, brisk walking, etc.) at minimum for thirty minutes, five times a week, and reducing stress daily by practicing meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga or other forms of mind-body work, you are on your way to aging gracefully.

For those who find eating healthy challenging or difficult, dare2detox has designed a unique gourmet meal program that looks and tastes as good as it is good for the body.
All of the dare2detox meals are hand-crafted at our catering kitchen in Wynwood by our renowned Executive Chef Brandon (the former chef of NBA superstar Lebron James and other pro-athletes) and Chef Luke (the former chef of the Detroit Pistons), under the guidance of Dr. Laura and the team of integrative nutrition experts.


How it works

 Register with us

Check our sample menu, to see what types of meals we create each day. Each meal consists of a protein source, a side of vegetable and complex carbohydrate and our signature sauce.


Once registered, we will email you our weekly menu each Sunday of the week.
We strive to create two unique gourmet meals each day with ingredients that benefit your health as well as taste delicious!

 Pick a meal package

Pick a day(s), your number of meals per day, a source of protein (non plant-based or plant-based) and the size of the protein serving. Choose meal A or B or order both! We have something for everyone’s needs.

Place an order

There is absolutely NO commitment to order from us on a weekly basis! However, we kindly ask that you contact us by Friday for the following Monday delivery and 24 hours before delivery for Tuesday through Friday. Delivery is between 10am-1pm.

 Detox from within

We make eating healthy pleasurable and easy, so you can focus on the more important things in your life.

  • D2D Basic

  • $27/pkg
    • 2 Meals
    • 4 oz Protein
    • Meat or Plant-based
    • Box size: 6×6
    • No Artificial Additives
    • Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

    • *Single Meal:$15

Best price
  • D2D Boost

  • $44/pkg
    • 2 Meals
    • 6 oz Protein
    • Meat or Plant-based
    • Box size: 6×9
    • No Artificial Additives
    • Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

    • *Single Meal:$24

  • D2D Build

  • $52/pkg
    • 2 Meals
    • 8 oz Protein
    • Meat or Plant-based
    • Box size: 9×9
    • No Artificial Additives
    • Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

    • *Single Meal:$28

  • D2D Bold

  • $59/pkg
    • 2 Meals
    • 8 oz Protein/meal
    • Meat or Plant-based
    • Box Size: 9×9
    • No Artificial Additives
    • Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

    • +Midday Protein Boost

Why eat anti-inflammatory foods?

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, a globally renown authority in Integrative Medicine and Dr. Laura’s mentor, reducing inflammation is vital to healing.

“Whole-body, chronic, inappropriate inflammation appears to result from eating processed food, getting insufficient exercise, and experiencing ongoing stress – all of which are common in the modern world. Scientists have long suspected that this kind of unfocused inflammation accelerates aging, leading to a faster onset of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers, and ultimately to shortened lifespans.”

Solid scientific findings indicate that high levels of inflammation and accelerated aging are linked, thus eating foods high in anti-inflammatory properties is key to obtaining optimal wellness and is supported and recommended by the dare2detox team.

Our Mission

At dare2detox, we believe that our food is our medicine and prevention is key to aging gracefully. In an effort to educate the community properly on nutrition, the dare2detox integrative medical team and nutrition experts along with our executive chefs have developed a unique and delicious gourmet meal program based on real science.
We strive to provide you with the best conscious, creative, and clean gourmet meal delivery programs in South Florida. Please contact us about our meal delivery programs that will best meet your needs.

*Note, pricing is subject to change with notice. A $2 delivery charge for the Dade county area will be added to your order once placed.

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