Choose Your Yoga Program

Master your practice and techniques with the most talented private yoga experts in South Florida.

*This yoga practice focuses on restoring your equilibrium and balance. This practice focuses on the centering of your breath and body-aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time.
It is an extremely soothing experience and for anyone who desires to relax deeply. It’s perfect for newcomers to yoga, gentle yoga lovers, inflexible athletes and those 55+, among others.

*This complete practice starts by warming the body, progresses into a powerful integrative yoga flow, moving with the fluidity of your breath, and ends with meditation and/or breathing exercises. You will finish the class feeling refreshed, invigorated and detoxed!

*This yoga practice is for those looking for a very challenging workout or one who desires to master their alignment and techniques. This is for the intermediate and advanced yoga practitioner or an athletic yoga novice who is looking to start the day off feeling energized, revitalized and empowered.

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