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  • About Our Yoga Programs

    • Integrative Power Yoga

      Discover, improve or challenge your yoga practice with our very unique integrative yoga experts. All of your yoga experts are certified, highly sought-after, talented, professional and a joy to learn from. Considered as the best of South Florida, our yoga team are not the traditional yoga teachers but have developed a unique blend of poses, transitions and breathing techniques in their private yoga classes. 

      From Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kripalu, and Iyengar Yoga styles, our private Yoga experts promise to tailor a unique private yoga class that will meet your every needs and level of yoga practice. 

      Budokon Yoga
      D2d offers a unique experience to practice Budokon Yoga (headquarter in Miami) with the leading Budokon Yoga Sensei (aka professor) of the world. Budokon Yoga is based on a slow-controlled martial arts inspired yoga transitions that move the practitioner from one yoga pose to the next in a dance-like fluid way. This builds, not only strength and flexibility but also grace, agility, and coordination while also exercising the mind and uplifting the spirit. 
      Budokon yoga is a challenging full-body workout with amazing restorative qualities (for those recovering from surgery or injury) and effective muscle building attributes which support weight loss.For all levels of yoga practitioners, our Budokon Yoga instructors will challenge you with a sixty-minute dynamic sequence of challenging and vigorous yoga poses, arm balances, and inversions.