Not only is Philippa one of the most sought after private yoga instructor in Miami, but she holds an Executive MBA from the London Business School and Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University College London, amongst her many academic accomplishments. Her professional background is in Business Organizational Change Management and Executive Coaching, working with large global clients to engage and motivate leadership and staff to design, shape and achieve business goals. She is a Qualified Executive Coach, accredited in EMCC’s EQA, ICF, ACSTH.


Philippa has been a competitive athlete all of her life. At the age of fifteen, she was on the UK squad for swimming and continued to undertake the multitude of physical challenging endeavors in her adult life. In 2013, she was measured in the top 1% of fittest people in the world, despite being diagnosed with Diabetes type I during her early childhood.


Philippa transitioned into teaching yoga whilst working as a business psychology consultant and coach. She has been practicing yoga for eight years and as a qualified Ashtanga, Vinyassa, and Budokon Yoga instructor, she has been teaching Yoga voluntarily for charities and communities in Europe and the USA since 2011.


As a Business Organizational Change Management and Executive coach, her focus is on engaging individuals to take responsibility for their own destinies, be motivated in their daily working practice, developing leaders and teams.


Philippa’s yoga teaching style works using the same principles she uses with her business clients and is a dynamic, engaging, challenging and inspirational, with a strong emphasis on meditation, flow, centeredness focused power and control.


As one of the top yoga instructor in the Miami and with a red belt in Budokon Mixed Martial Arts, Philippa integrates her yoga skills, Mixed Martial Arts, and Life Sciences disciplines to create a unique yoga experience that focuses on fluidity, discipline and centeredness.


Philippa is an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with and motivates her student to utilize yoga to overcome their own personal health obstacles. Philippa proudly leads the yoga team at dare2detox and hopes that her involvement will cultivate the practice of yoga into everyone’s fitness routine.

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