Choose Your Mind Bodywork therapy

At Dare2Detox, all of our LMT are required to have had advanced training in specialty bodywork and energy healing therapy.

    • D2D & Relax

    • 60 or 90 minutes
    • Guided Meditation
    • Bioresonance Therapy

*Our Reiki masters will provide a unique therapeutic session, blending guided meditation and Reiki Energy Healing Therapy with a focus on the chakras for singles, couples or groups of people. This stress relieving session promotes balance and will harmonize your energy flow.

The group sessions are not hands on. Instead, they are guided self-healing sessions where the participants lay hands on their own bodies. Best results for singles/couples sessions require a fifteen-minute consultation.

    • d2d & Restore

    • 60 or 90 minutes
    • Swedish Massage
    • Bioresonance Therapy

*Spend 60 or 90 minutes with one of our highly skilled integrative massage therapists who will customize a unique mind bodywork restorative healing session and bring you to a deep state of deep relaxation and calm. This is highly recommended for relief of stress and tension.

    • D2D & Recover

    • 60 or 90 minutes
    • Therapeutic Massage
    • Bioresonance Therapy

*This therapy is ideal for the physically fit and active person looking for recovery from intense workout and performances or for those suffering from acute and chronic pain.

This therapy Combines deep tissue massage with myofascial, neuromuscular/trigger point and structural energetic therapy as well as various stretching techniques to maintain lengths of the muscular.
The therapist uses deep pressure to break down adhesions, helping to alleviate pain while restoring balance health and tranquility within one’s self.

    • D2D & Renew

    • 60 or 90 minutes
    • Restorative Massage
    • Bioresonance Therapy

*Experience the ultimate in relaxation as you receive a soothing massage while immersed in a meditative state induced by the our premium hemp extract sublingually and applied topically.
The results is the ultimate reduction of stress and tension, improvement of sleep, and the detoxification of the body, mind and spirit through touch therapy and plant-based therapy.

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