Sifu (professor) Joe has been teaching Chinese martial arts for over twenty years locally and internationally.
At the tender age of fifteen, he began training in Yang style Tai Chi, Qigong and push hands. He later cultivated his practice through the studies of the Fu style Tai Chi.
Traveling around the world has allowed Sifu Joe to meet and train with many great Martial Arts and Tai Chi masters, including some from the Chen style Tai Chi.
While it may seem interesting to learn many styles of Tai Chi, Si Fu Joe believes that the practice of Tai Chi in general shares the same principles, foundation, and health benefits.
A Tai Chi class with Si Fu Joe (on land or in the pool) involves a series of unique movements performed in a slow, focused and graceful manner and is accompanied by deep breathing and unique meditative exercises.
This ancient form of martial arts will improve one’s balance, agility, strength, and coordination and is an excellent form of meditation for all levels of practitioners.
Highly prized for his incredible knowledge of Tai Chi and Martial Arts, Si fu Joe is a sought after Tai Chi instructor and is valued by his students for his amicable nature and unique teaching style.




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