From a young age, Gloria, a Colombian native, has always had a passion to excel in fitness. She started her path to health and well-being with many different types of physical activities including weight lifting, mountain biking, boot camp, cross-fit and spinning.
However, Gloria was drawn to Pilates immediately because it would bring balance to her desire to build her muscle mass while allowing her to keep her feminine definition in the process of building muscles.
Since starting her Pilates practice, Gloria has not only become very physical fit, but she has gained numerous of other health benefits through her Pilates practice, including better posture, increased flexibility, balance, coordination, mental focus as well as an improved sense of overall well-being.
Gloria became extremely inspired to share her Pilates practice and earned her Pilates certification after completing 460 hours of in-depth Pilates training. She is a truly talented and diversified fitness instructor and is one of a few wellness expert in South Florida who is certified to teach Pilates while providing Healing Touch therapy during her unique private Pilates sessions.
She currently provides private Pilates classes to residents of several prestigious luxury condominiums in Miami Beach, Florida and eagerly joins dare2detox to share her passion for Pilates and provide Kundalini Yoga techniques and other excellent healing modalities to those who are in search of a truly unique mind and body fitness experience.

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