Why Detox

The body has an innate and amazing ability to detox itself very sufficiently. By eating a non-inflammatory diet, implementing a good cardiovascular exercise routine (such as swimming, biking, brisk walking, etc.) at minimum for thirty minutes, five times a week and reducing stress daily by practicing meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga or other forms of mind-body work, you may not need to spend money on a detox program.

We encourage you to help the body in its normal functions to eliminate unwanted materials by:

  • drinking more water to increase urinary output.
  • taking steam baths or saunas to promote sweating.
  • increasing your fiber intake to ensure regular daily eliminations.
  • getting enough aerobic activity to stimulate breathing and your cardiovascular system.


However, for those who are unable to detox daily, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to set up an initial detox/wellness consultation with Dr. Laura.

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