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Can't Sleep?

Low Energy?



Signature Healing Services With Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura’s consultation is a unique combination of expertise in conventional (allopathic) medicine and knowledge of complementary and alternative therapies. She will recommend healing mechanisms and emphasizing lifestyle approaches first, including diet and exercise, mind-body techniques, judicious use of evidence-based supplements and botanicals, and, if needed, standard pharmaceuticals.
Topics during this consultation may include:

  • Stress Adaptation
  • Brain-Based Wellness
  • Prevention, Functional, and Longevity Medicine
  • Anti-Inflammation Nutrition

Open to all levels of Reiki practitioners and those wishing to experience Reiki, perhaps for the first time, this group class will include group discussion, energy work and Reiki Healing.


Schedule a group of friends for a class and connect and share your spiritual insights and transformational experiences with Dr. Laura or one of our other talented Reiki Master.

Discover the benefits of this ancient form of martial arts, which will improve your balance, agility, strength, and coordination.


Our Tai Chi class with Dr. Laura involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused and graceful manner and is accompanied by deep breathing and unique meditative exercises.

D2D offers a laughter yoga (for children age six and older) with Dr. Laura to engage in play, deep breathing, stretching and focuses on creating an environment to elicit joy, laughter, self-love, consciousness and mindfulness. This class is recommended for a group of two or more children. Pricing is dependent on the number of children participating.