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Shelby has always appreciated the beauty that natured offered both within humanity and all around us. From the time she could speak, she insisted upon the inherent goodness of people and was dreaming of ways to help them share the best of themselves with their neighbors and with the world. She felt that our natural state of being was a kind and joyful one, and that all other imbalance was due to circumstance that could be changed.


As the years went by, natural health also resonated with her more than traditional medicine, and she adopted healthy lifestyle habits long before they were trendy. She has been a vegetarian for most of her life, gave up soda at 12, and has been working out regularly since middle school as well. She has shunned various medical treatments for illness in favor of enhancing wellness via supplements and alternative therapies. Spiritually, she has studied everything from Buddhist philosophy to Law of Attraction to Quantum Healing, and she regularly practices yoga and meditation.


Shelby’s fascination with health and humanity led her to study physical anthropology and primatology for the origins of human behavior, marketing and consumer behavior, and communications. After graduating with honors after only 3 years from Washington University in St. Louis, with a major in Anthropology, a double minor in Marketing and Communications, she continued her studies at New York University, achieving her Master’s degree in theatre education.


Her studies in socially conscious applied theatre culminated in a thesis project video intended to educate communities deprived of community theatre on how to devise their own socially significant performances and give a voice to the under-heard. Shortly after, she landed a highly sought-after position at an award-winning youth theatre in Manhattan, and for several years thereafter, brought her theatre, education, and marketing skills to young people.


Currently, Shelby is a private certified massage therapist with over a decade of hands one experience. Her passion for bodywork and energy healing has led her towards numerous of certifications, including intuitive tantric therapy and Reiki healing.


Shelby skilled hands and unique techniques to combine bodywork with healing therapy as well as her innate ability to relate with all of the people she comes across makes enable her to deliver a truly special healing experience to her private clients.