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Sensei (professor) Donato, a graduate of Drexel University of Philadelphia with a Bachelor in Science, Electrical and Computer Engineer has been training, teaching and working side-by-side with Cameron Shayne, the creator of Budokon® yoga, since 2005. Since 2005, Donato has been traveling worldwide spreading the Budokon Yoga/Martial/Living Arts Program and was the first to achieve the rank of Budokon Black Belt in the system. Donato’s teaching style is engaging, motivating and inspirational, with a strong emphasis on fluidity, control, balance, and discipline.


Budokon Yoga is based on a slow controlled martial arts inspired yoga transitions that move the practitioner from one yoga pose to the next in a dance-like fluid way. This builds not only strength and flexibility but also grace, agility, and coordination while also exercising the mind and uplifting the spirit. Budokon yoga is a challenging full-body workout with amazing restorative qualities (for those recovering from surgery or injury) and effective muscle building attributes which support weight loss.


Donato is considered one of the top Budokon Yoga teachers in the world and has studied other Martial Arts including Brazilian Jiujitsu, Capoeira, Wing Chun, Kyokushinkai Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga.


He is the Director of Budokon®Latin America, Budokon®Miami Academy and is the Director of the International Budokon Yoga/Martial/Living Arts Program, with more than 200 instructors under his direct supervision.


Donato proudly joins dare2detox to advocate, educate and teach Budokon Yoga through the use of martial arts and yogic training/practice techniques. Donato’s passion is in helping people overcome his student’s limitations, fears and pain through the understanding of movement and different Life Coaching techniques, philosophy and psychology. His private lessons are truly an exceptional experience for those in search of something beyond the conventional yoga practice.