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Joseph, born and raised in Sydney Australia, has been a well respected and sought after massage therapist for over twenty-five years in Sydney, New York and currently in Miami.


His vast experiences range from being the massage therapist for the Miami City Ballet Company for three years to providing excellent care to professional athletes at the Sony Tennis Tournament (IMG) and the US Open in NYC.


Joseph is licensed in the state of Florida now for twenty years and has been on call as a private massage therapist at upscale luxury resorts such as the SLS, LaGorce Country Club and the Soho Beach House in Miami.


His ideal client is a physically fit and active person who is looking for recovery from intense workouts and performance. He creatively incorporates a mixture of myofascial, neuromuscular, and structural energetic therapy and as well as deep tissue, trigger point, Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques. Joseph is also a highly skilled energy therapist and is certified as a Reiki level II therapist and is an expert in Rolfing.


Joseph also uses various stretching techniques to maintain length in the musculature and his therapy is geared for performance, recovery from workouts, and also for many pain syndromes that are related from long periods of sitting and general stress relief.


Though known for his skilled hands and attention to details, Joseph is prized by his clients for his amiable, down to earth, positive outlook, and kind nature. He is extremely knowledgeable in the workings of the body and is an expert at bringing the body back to homeostasis.


Joseph is extremely passionate about his work and genuinely cares about his patient’s well being. He spends a great deal of energy and effort to make sure that he provides immense therapeutic relief of pain in his session. He proudly joins d2d to provide a truly exceptional healing experience to those suffering from pain and those who desires to detox intensely.